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The next time you’re having trouble with insomnia, check out cultural historical activity theory.

Your app makes me fat — Serious Pony


The zero-sum game of cognitive resources, click bait, and why grad school is making me eat more fast food

Officially using this reasoning as an excuse to indulge all my bad habits while working on this hell-paper.

Summer in Japan is discount supermarket fried salmon season, which is one of the few good things about summer in Japan.


John Martin (Mezzotint illustrations); John Milton’s Paradise Lost, ca. 1824.

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Roger MinickMotorhome at Half Dome, Yosemite National Park. CA 1980


Roger Minick
Motorhome at Half Dome,
Yosemite National Park.
CA 1980


 Ancient Masks of Rome, Aztec, Papua New Guinea, Greece and Indonesia.

Rome’s is pretty good, but Indonesia is the clear winner here.

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A dash of soy sauce really brings out the flavor of your mate’s head.

The earliest Chinese globe, made by Jesuit priests Nicolo Longobardi & Manuel Dias, 1623
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The earliest Chinese globe, made by Jesuit priests Nicolo Longobardi & Manuel Dias, 1623

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I want to talk about - but am unsure what to do about - how white-washed my Facebook feed is and how all I see is that goddamn ice bucket bullshit when I’m pretty sure people I know are having real conversations and sharing relevant commentary about what’s been happening this…

A Mother’s Journey Through the Unnerving Universe of ‘Unboxing’ Videos


Clearly my kid wasn’t the only one. Her favorite video, with its Escher staircase of a title, “Play Doh Chef Cookie Monster Letter Lunch Learn the ABC Alphabet With Cookie Monster Play Dough,” has logged some 40 million hits.

“Wouldn’t you rather watch a real Cookie Monster video?” I asked, after first watching it.

“No, no, Mommy,” my daughter said. “I like the toy. I like the hands on the toy.”


“Because I like it. A lot.”


Next, please explain the appeal of long, pseudo-thinky pieces that boil down to “here is a thing I don’t understand”.


GOGH, Vincent vanOlive Trees with Yellow Sky and SunNovember 1889, Saint-RémyOil on canvas, 74 x 93 cmInstitute of Arts, Minneapolis


GOGH, Vincent van
Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun
November 1889, Saint-Rémy
Oil on canvas, 74 x 93 cm
Institute of Arts, Minneapolis

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Paper? What paper? I have all these point cards I urgently need to make a wallet for.


The End of Summer (Yasujiro Ozu, 1961)

Even if you don’t know the film, somehow every single frame is recognizable as Ozu.

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“Competence means being able to repeat what can be repeated while changing what needs to be changed”